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“What matters is not the accomplishments you achieve; what matters is the person you become.” —Dallas Willard

“God-given dreams have to do with unselfishness and the serving and blessing of others. Dreams that are initiated out of our own imaginations tend to be primarily focused on ourselves and what we can ‘get.’” —Jeff Hlavin

“Pray against pride, dear friends, wherever you may be. Pride will grow on a dunghill, as well as in the king’s garden. Pray against pride and vainglory, and God give you grace to keep it under!” —C.H. Spurgeon

[VIDEO] John Maxwell reminds us that you don’t have to be a cosmetologist to make someone else beautiful.

Mark Atteberry addresses an article about why millennials are leaving churches, and he does a great job refuting the main points.

Great encouragement from David Wilkerson for anyone praying for a wayward child or spouse.

Planned Parenthood’s stance: if it’s consensual, then violent sex is okay. Again I ask, “Why are my tax dollars funding this garbage?!” Check out this transcript from Live Action’s latest undercover investigation

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: OK. Um, role-play absolutely is normal. Um, it’s—I would say anything within the sexual world is normal as long as it’s consensual 


PLANNED PARENTHOOD: —between the two people. So if you feel like—like, if he threw out role-play and you were like, “That sounds really weird,” or “I feel really uncomfortable with that,” and he still, like, pressured you, then that is not normal. 


PLANNED PARENTHOOD: But if you were like, “Yeah, I’m open to it, whatever,” and you try it and it felt weird, so you said that, and he was like, “Yeah, that—whatever, that’s fine, let’s not do that again,” that’s also normal.

The Christian’s Secret Of A Happy Life (book review)

The Christian's SecretAlthough originally written in 1875, The Christian’s Secret Of A Happy Life by Hannah Whitall Smith is as relevant today as it was 140 years ago.

Hannah is quick to point out that happiness is not the goal for a Christian, but a closer walk with Jesus Christ is. When we are walking close with Him, happiness that comes from peace, security, and consistent growth in faith is the natural byproduct.

Hannah is a Quaker and she wrote nearly two centuries ago, so some language differences are to be expected. But I found that when the “old English” began to show up more liberally in certain passages, it was the author’s way of really getting excited about what she had to say! Other than that, the principles and the examples she uses to make her points are fairly timeless.

The book is divided into three sections, and the middle section—called Difficulties—was one of my favorites. What made it so intriguing was the practical and biblical way Hannah explained the difficulties Christians face, and the God-honoring way out of those problems.

This is an excellent devotional-style book for both new and experienced Christians.

“The Lord’s part is to do the thing entrusted to Him. He disciplines and trains by inward exercises and outward providences. He brings to bear upon us all the refining and purifying resources of His wisdom and His love. He makes everything in our lives and circumstances subservient to the one great purpose of causing us to grow in grace, and of conforming us, day by day and hour by hour, to the image of Christ.” —Hannah Whitall Smith

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