Smith Wigglesworth On Prayer, Power, And Miracles (book review)

Prayer, Power & MiraclesWhenever I need a booster shot of faith, or a challenge to believe God for even greater things, or just a unabashed reminder of the power of the Scriptures, I pick up a book by Smith Wigglesworth. By the time I got done reading Smith Wigglesworth On Prayer, Power, And Miracles compiled by Roberts Liardon I was totally fired up!

This book is a collection of sermons delivered by Wigglesworth and articles he authored for various Pentecostal publications. Every one of the chapters is simply saturated in Scripture and the anointing of the Holy Spirit! Each of the articles made we want to dig into the Bible more, believe God for more, and crave the empowerment of the Spirit more!

If you are tired of humdrum church-as-usual, or if you are ready for your faith to be stretched like it’s never been stretched before, pick up a copy of this book and strap yourself in. I promise that you will not think about the things of God the same after these messages have worked their way into your heart.

Promotion (book review)

PromotionFinding the right person to promote in your organization can be one of the most crucial decisions a leader has to make. It’s hard enough when the organization is a profit-driven one, but the stakes get elevated when a faith-based ministry is considering the eternal ramifications of its success. A book chock-full of helpful advice for making the right personnel decisions is Promotion by Rick Renner.

Rick is a successful pastor and ministry leader. He shares through his personal examples—both successful and not so successful—the principles he has learned. He is quick to point out that these principles are not because some people are more valuable than others, but because some people are ready for more responsibility and others are not. His list of promotion principles will help you, regardless of the type of organization you lead.

I found the scriptural principles Rick shared to be right on target, though I thought he tried to put too fine of a point on a few of them. In other words, some of his ideals are so high that hardly anyone may quality for promotion. I also found some of his personal stories to be a bit too much personal back-patting for my taste. Despite those two personal observations, I still found the material helpful.

A big thanks to my brother-in-love for putting this book in my hands.

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