Do You Read The Bible Or Does The Bible Read You?

I’ve been studying the lives of the kings of Judah. The last God-fearing king before the fall of Jerusalem was a man named Josiah. He became king as an 8-year-old and really began looking for God as a teenager. Apparently, during all of this time, the book of the Law (the first five books of our current Bible) was hidden away and forgotten. As Josiah started seeking God, he gave orders that the temple in Jerusalem be repaired. During the clean-up work, the workers rediscovered the book of the Law and brought it to the palace. They began to read the Law to Josiah

When the king heard the words of the Law, he tore his robes.

Tearing of the robes is a sign of deep mourning. The words of Scripture cut Josiah like a dagger to the heart because he knew he and his people weren’t living according to God’s standards. He started telling everyone the Scriptural standards that they needed to honor, and had the words of the Law read aloud for everyone to hear. Then in the presence of everyone, Josiah reaffirmed his commitment to be a man who lived by the words of God’s Word.

This got me thinking:

  • Do I have an emotional response when I read the Bible? Or is it just a mental exercise? Or worse yet, just a meaningless daily habit?
  • Am I truly sorry when I read in the Bible where I’ve fallen short of what God desires? Or do I make excuses?
  • Do I ask the Holy Spirit to help me live out what I’ve read in the Word? Or do I convince myself that those parts don’t pertain to me?
  • Do I share with others what’s been revealed to me? Or do I keep it to myself?
  • Am I willing to be accountable to others about the changes I need to make? Or am I trying to be a lone ranger saint?

Do I just read the Bible? Or do I allow the Bible to read me?

Is Your Integrity Worth $12 Million

My wife alerted me to this almost unbelievable story this morning. Gil Meche, a pitcher for the Kansas City Royals baseball team, is walking away from the final year of his contract with the team.

He’s walking away from $12 million.

Why? Because Gil Meche is a man of integrity. He signed a contract to pitch for the Royals, but due to his injuries, he doesn’t think he can live up to his end of the bargain. I especially liked this part of the article:

“A lot of people might think I’m crazy for not trying to play and make this amount of money,” he said, “[but] I don’t think I’m going to regret it.”

This would have been the final season under the five-year, $55 million contract he signed with the Royals prior to the 2007 season. Health issues, with his back and then with his shoulder, plagued him the last two seasons.

I didn’t want to go try it again for another season and be the guy making $12 million and doing absolutely nothing to help this team,” he said.

There is no settlement, no nothing for Meche as he walks away from the guaranteed money.

“I think it really reaffirms and validates why we signed Gil Meche—the integrity and the class and the respect that he’s displaying,” Royals general manager Dayton Moore said.

What price can you put on integrity?

Or as Jesus asked, “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”

Thanks, Gil, for showing the world that integrity is worth even more than $12 million.

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