Illogical But True

To the natural, analytical, rational mind the following formulas are illogical:

90% > 100%

6 > 7

1 > 1

They may look illogical, but with God, they are indisputably true.

Tithing on your income (giving 10% to God) makes the rest of your money go further; so 90% > 100%.

Taking a Sabbath break from your work makes the rest of your workdays more effective; so 6 > 7. (Chick-fil-A closes all of their stores on Sunday, and  founder Truett Cathy frequently mentioned how God continues to bless this decision.)

Entering into marriage with another Christ-follower allows your life to be more productive together than either of you could be on your own; so 1 > 1.

Stop looking at what you have (or don’t have), and start looking at what God has. His ways may seem to defy conventional wisdom, but He’s an unprecedented God. His promises are true. All you have to do is trust His ways, and obey.

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