Pray First, Then Preach

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, not only is this a week of prayer for our church, but I have also declared 2011 to be The Year Of Answered Prayer. As a result, I’m reading and studying more about prayer, and praying more too.

This post is mostly for my fellow pastors.

Pastors, I came across two quotes this morning to which we should pay careful attention. The first is from Augustine’s On Christian Teaching, and the second is from E.M. Bounds’ Power Through Prayer.

“He should be in no doubt that any ability he has and however much he has derives more from his devotion to prayer than his dedication to oratory; and so, by praying for himself and for those he is about to address, he must become a man of prayer before becoming a man of words. As the hour of his address approaches, before he opens his thrusting lips he should lift his thirsting soul to God so that he may utter what he has drunk in and pour out what has filled him.” —Augustine

The character of our praying will determine the character of our preaching. Light praying will make light preaching. … The preacher must be preeminently a man of prayer. His heart must graduate in the school of prayer. In the school of prayer only can the heart learn to preach.” —E.M. Bounds

Before you prepare it, pray it.

Before you preach it, pray it.

After you preach it, pray it some more.

Pastors, let’s be men and women of prayer before we’re men and women of words.

2 Responses to “Pray First, Then Preach”

  1. Sarah Says:

    This is good. A lot of times it’s too easy to prepare a message without even consulting God about what he wants to say. Without God’s influence, what you have to say is irrelevant.


  2. mavis P major Says:

    Ijust want to praise God for allowing me to log in this page, it was a few years ago when i was odain pastor of the church of god of prophecy, the General Overseer Bishop Fred Fisher had send me a small book on pray then preach, i dont know where i misplaced it i really need me that book again, it was very inspiring, Othis is good it really did something for me right now THANK YOU.


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