Podcast: Mulligan! Embrace Do-Overs

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I am not a very good golfer, so when Greg and I hit the course together Greg is generous enough to give me a mulligan—sometimes a lot of them! In the same way, we as leaders need to be willing to give our team members chances to learn from and improve upon their mistakes. In this episode, we discuss how embracing a “mulligan culture” in your organization helps everyone grow and thrive.

  • [0:22] I explain what Greg gives me that is a huge blessing
  • [1:25] Leaders need to be gracious.
  • [2:56] What is the goal of mulligans?
  • [4:10] Mulligans can cost our business something. How do we calculate that?
  • [7:18] Success usually goes up with the mulligan attempt.
  • [9:54] Expect greater success in the second chances.
  • [11:04] Mulligans need to be given in a safe environment.
  • [13:06] Second chances and comeback stories are inspiring!
  • [14:31] Remember that people are the focal point of our mulligans.
  • [14:55] Greg shares about an unusual phobia with which many people struggle.
  • [16:50] An important reminder seasoned leaders need to share with emerging leaders.
  • [18:22] High-performing leaders make it look easy because of the mulligans other people gave them along the way.

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