Podcast: In Power Or Empowered?

Listen to the audio-only version of this podcast by clicking on the player below, or scroll down to watch the video.

On this episode of “The Craig And Greg Show” we talk about: 

  • [0:23] Do you know what empowerment really means?
  • [1:52] Does your empowerment show people you trust them?
  • [4:00] Craig tells a story about how the best mentors hold up a mirror.
  • [6:15] Do you believe you’re in-power, or do you empower?
  • [7:28] The guys talk about Patrick Lencioni’s leadership books.
  • [8:23] What is a habit that holds back a leader from empowering? 
  • [10:27] Is your leadership trustworthy?
  • [12:10] Insecurity kills empowerment
  • [12:51] Getting Naked!!
  • [14:15] Are you admitting your mistakes first?
  • [14:50] Are you self-aware about what’s holding you back from empowering others? 
  • [16:34] What is the difference between delegation and empowerment?
  • [17:45] Craig and Greg challenge leaders on examining their empowerment of others.

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