Word-For-Word Bible Comic: Jonah (book review)

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Some of my regular readers who check out my book reviews might be saying, “A comic book? Craig read and reviewed a comic book?” That’s because I’ve stated many times that with all of the wonderful books there are to read, I had to make a choice to be very discriminating in my reading. As a result, I almost exclusively read non-fiction books. 

But Simon Amadeus Pillario has done something so wonderful with my all-time favorite Book—the Bible—by graphically illustrating the people, places, expressions, and activities of the biblical storyline. The Word-For-Word Bible Comic I read was The Book of Jonah. 

When I was a parent with young children, I would tell them the story of Jonah in a very dramatic way, by giving voices to the characters and adding my own sound effects to the events. This is how Simon Pillario has helped all of us. He’s taking the amazing stories of Scripture, and helping us read and tell these accounts in memorable ways. I can envision these comic books engaging people into reading the Bible like nothing else has before. 

Part of the title of this series of comic books is “word-for-word.” That is precisely what this comic book does. It contains every word of the story from the Bible, but Simon does it in such a clever way, that some of the descriptive text that is captured in a drawing is so seamlessly integrated into the page design that it never becomes distracting. Then at the back of the comic book you will find some additional historical information that went into the creative process of illustrating these books. 

There are several books of the Bible already completed in word-for-word comic books, which you can check out here. Parents and youth pastors will especially want to check these out as a compelling way to draw young people into reading the Bible for themselves. 

I am a Zondervan book reviewer. 

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2 Responses to “Word-For-Word Bible Comic: Jonah (book review)”

  1. Nitoy Gonzales Says:

    Short but good review. Don’t feel awkward in reading comics specially the ones that deal with the Bible. It goes to show that we have eclectic taste for good reads.

    Btw, here’s my review of The Gospel of Matthew comic also done by Pillario:


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  2. Book Reviews From 2021 | Craig T. Owens Says:

    […] Word-For-Word Bible Comic: Jonah […]


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