A Brief Bio Of Smith Wigglesworth

WigglesworthTo say that Smith Wigglesworth was a unique minister of the Gospel is an understatement! I doubt that you can find anyone else in history quite like Wigglesworth, but what an amazing example he left for us of someone totally sold-out to God!

This video biography by Roberts Liardon is a fairly accurate picture of this great man’s life. You can also get to know Smith Wigglesworth by reading his sermons. I have posted several reviews of books which contain his sermons, as well as extensive quotes from his those sermons:

You may also be interested in checking out my family’s connection to this amazing evangelist.

Enjoy this video—

3 Responses to “A Brief Bio Of Smith Wigglesworth”

  1. Prophet Moses Says:

    Thank you very much. My faith is stirred to do the impossible.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. David Davis Says:

    Im so stirred up to start practicing the gift of healing in me


  3. Stop Listening To You | Craig T. Owens Says:

    […] once asked Smith Wigglesworth, “Smith, how do you feel?” He replied, “I never ask Smith how I feel. I tell him how he […]


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