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“When we look at the love of Christ, we make a wonderful discovery. Love is more a decision than an emotion! Christ-like love applauds good behavior. At the same time Christ-like love refuses to endorse misbehavior. Jesus loved His apostles, but He wasn’t silent when they were faithless. Jesus loved the people in the temple, but He didn’t sit still when they were hypocritical.” —Max Lucado

“One of the great enemies of hope is forgetting God’s promises.” —John Piper

“If you perform deeds of charity with the idea of getting to heaven by them, it is yourself that you are feeding and clothing; all your virtue is not virtue, it is rank selfishness, and Christ will never accept it; you will never hear Him say, ‘Thank you’ for it. You served yourself, and no reward is due. You must first come to the Lord Jesus Christ, and look to Him to save you; you will forever renounce all idea of doing anything to save yourself, and being saved, you will be able to give to the poor without selfishness mixing with your motive.” —Charles Spurgeon

Dave Barringer has a good word for pastors: 8 reasons why being vulnerable is better.

William Law On Prayer

William LawSome quotes from William Law on prayer …

“There is nothing that makes us love a man so much as praying for him.” —William Law

“He who has learned to pray has learned the greatest secret of a holy and happy life.” —William Law

“The greatest saint in the world is not he who prays most or fasts most; it is not he who gives alms, or is more eminent for temperance, chastity, or justice. It is he who is most thankful to God.” —William Law

8 Quotes From “Life Cartography”

Life CartographyCharles Porter wrote a thought-provoking book for young people just starting out on life’s journey. You can read my full book review by clicking here. Below are some of the quotes I highlighted as I read.

“Everyone has baggage. Emotional hurts. Dysfunctions. Strange and broken ideas about the world. Some are small. Some are massive. The people who develop beautiful lives, that I’ve seen at least, learn early how to unload that baggage somewhere and not pick it back up. The emotional catharsis of unloading is easy. The mental, physical and spiritual disciplines of not picking it back up—that’s the hard part.”

“Good intentions don’t make up for bad thinking. You can’t be anything you want to be. But there is something, some unique place, where you can be you, and where your life will have meaning and purpose. The key is discovering what and where that is. Those who discover that early multiply their life satisfaction exponentially.”

“Emotions are real but not necessarily true. … I’ve ruined very few relationships when I was calm. But when I’ve been angry, I’ve done serious damage. … The flip side is that relationships come with an ebb and flow of feelings. Denying emotions is just as dangerous. Suppressed anger becomes depression. Feelings of rejection lead to private humiliation. Telling someone not to feel is like telling spring not to come.”

“We all tell our stories from our own perspectives. We see the world through our lenses. An editor can help us bring some balance, some clarity, and sometimes help us tell those stories in a way that others understand. The tough part is that editors usually aren’t popular. They challenge us. They forced us to rewrite, rethink, and reconsider. They generally don’t fall for the lies we sometimes tell ourselves.”

“When I start with the idea that everyone is interesting, questions become conversations.”

“Developing character is the most important, life-long process you’ll ever engage in. … Character is the product of a life sent through the fire of circumstances.”

“Sometimes, standing on the sidelines is an endorsement. By not taking a stand, you’re allowing things you wouldn’t endorse to take root and flourish.” 

“Have you ever met people who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer? I’ll bet they get things done. I’ll bet they succeed. And I’ll bet they leave a wake of relational destruction in their pads. ‘I never take “no” for an answer.’ That, my friends, doesn’t make you consistent. It makes you a bully.”

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