Thanking Our Veterans

I was so honored to be a part of the Veterans Day memorial service in Cedar Springs yesterday. A small crowd braved the cold, windy weather to show their support for our veterans.

Pastor Craig Carter served as the master of ceremonies, Pastor Mary Ivanov offered the invocation, Col. Tom Noreen shared some important things for us to remember about our veterans, the Kent County Honor Guard was on hand for the 3-volley salute, Ethan Sommer brilliantly played taps, and I got to offer the closing prayer of blessing on our veterans and their families.

Even though Veterans Day 2012 has past, please continue to find ways all throughout the year to show your gratitude to our past and current military personnel for their service to our country.

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Thank you Harrison for snapping these pictures while your fingertips were freezing!

I’m Not In Control

I am reminded again that my stressful feelings come because things are not going according to my plans. This can only mean one thing: Somehow I have let myself believe that I am in control of all my circumstances!

I am not in control.

God alone is in control. He tells me not to be anxious, not to worry about tomorrow, but to come to Him to find rest.

Why, oh why, don’t I do this?!?

Enough! It’s time to once and for all give my concerns to the only One who can handle them. 

“Come unto Me,” says Jesus, “and I will give you rest.” Do Jesus Christ’s words apply to me? Does He really know my circumstances? Fretting is sinful if you are a child of God. Get back to God and tell Him with shame that you have been bolstering up that stupid soul of yours with the idea that your circumstances are too much for Him. Ask Him to forgive you and say, “Lord, I take Thee into my calculation as the biggest factor NOW! —Oswald Chambers

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