Have you tried the P90x workout program? The idea is to work all different parts of your body in different ways: resistance training, cardio work, stretching. This multi-discipline approach is intended to give you a complete workout.

We are getting ready to start an intense spiritual workout at Calvary Assembly of God. This summer we’ll be launching The P119 Workout. We’ll be using the 119th chapter in the book of Psalms to have a multi-discipline approach to stretching and improving our spiritual lives.

Each week throughout the summer we will look at one of the 8-verse segments, and learn how to apply the principles to our daily routines. There will be some “workout instructions” given in our Sunday morning services, and then some on-your-own workout routines to do throughout the week.

I am really excited about the expanded spiritual strength everyone will gain from this. Please join me this Sunday at 10:30am.

If you missed any of the messages in our P119 series, check them out here:

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