A-to-Z Love

You probably have heard that Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible (176 verses). The anonymous author clearly loved God’s Word—everything about it from aleph to taw (that’s Hebrew for “from A to Z”).

The psalm’s 176 verses are divided into 22 sections, with eight verses in each section (the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters). All of the verses except three mention God’s Word in some way (law, statutes, commands, etc.). In other words, this author loved God’s Word from start to finish, and everything in-between!

How about if we continue the A-to-Z love?

I love that God’s Word is…

A—An attitude adjustor

B—Bright hope


D—Direction for life


F—Fulfilling my deepest longings

G—Good and good for me

H—Historically accurate


J—Just what I need, when I need it

K—Keeping me from sin’s grip

L—Liberating me from anxiety

M—Making me the God-fearing man I should be

N—Never condemning, always encouraging

O—Opening my understanding

P—Purifying my motives

Q—Quality time

R—Revealing God’s love for me

S—Strength for today

T—Temptation defeater

U—Unfailing truth


W—Worth more than all my other books

X—Xenografted into my heart (James 1:21)

Y—Yahweh’s love letter to me

Z—Zoe (1 John 1:1)

Go ahead and add your A-to-Z love of God’s Word in the comments…

I also shared a series of 22 messages looking at each of the sections of Psalm 119. You can find the complete list of those messages by clicking here.

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