Living Free In An Anxious World (book review)

When I say that more people today are worried, or stressed-out, or suffering from anxiety attacks, I’m not saying anything that you don’t already know. But in Living Free In An Anxious World authors R. Lanny Hunter and Victor L. Hunter give us a whole new way of looking at worry and anxiety.

Many times I’m frustrated by some author’s one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with worry and anxiety. The fact is, we are complicated and we are individuals. But more than that, many authors tend to focus on just one part of the human, when in fact we are a three-part being. There is a physical component, an emotional/mental component, and a spiritual component.

The Hunter brothers are well trained to address the effects of worry in all its forms, as one brother is a medical doctor and the other is a pastor who received specialized training in both religion and psychiatry. They both bring their specialties to this book in a way that I found both informative and comforting.

One of the first concepts they address is that the key is to not eliminate worry from our lives. That, they say, is impossible. The goal is to not worry in a self-destructive way. Right from the first chapter, I found myself buying into their insights which were so real and applicable.

The Hunter brothers explore the biblical, scientific, and even philosophic origins of worry, and provide very real solutions for even a layman like me. This book wasn’t “over my head” nor did it over-simply the very real and challenging task of dealing with worry the right way.

Since 6.5 million Americans suffer from general anxiety disorder every year, chances are good that you are going to have to confront worry in your life or in the life of a loved one. So I highly recommend this book to you.

I am an Abilene Christian University Press book reviewer.

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