Pray Now

They had a great ruse. They had heard about the advancing Israelite army, they knew how God had given them victory at every step of the way, and they knew that the Israelites weren’t going to make a peace treaty with anyone living even remotely close to them. So the Bible says the Gibeonites resorted to a ruse.

They put on worn-out shoes and clothes and packed moldy bread. That way they would have all of the appearances of a delegation that traveled a long, long distance. And it worked. The Israelites examined their clothing and food and said, “Yep, it sure looks like you made a long journey to get here. We’re convinced.”

The Bible records an important footnote

The men of Israel sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the Lord.

How many times do I do this…

  • …I use my five senses, but not the wisdom of the Holy Spirit?
  • …I use my logical brain, but not the supernatural resources of God?
  • …I use my experiences, but not the insight of an All-Knowing God?

I have to make it a habit to pray about EVERY decision. It might only be a 5-second prayer, but I must inquire of the Lord.

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