Standing On A Promise

Just before Joshua’s farewell address to the Israelites, he makes one final comment to sum up the whole campaign that secured Israel’s borders—

Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.

Every one.

You can trust God! You can stand on His promises. They will not fail; they will all be fulfilled.

Dr. Robert Lockyear estimates that there are 7,457 promises of God in the Bible!

Which one are you standing on today? Get into God’s Word, and let His promises get into you. Write them down. Memorize them. Repeat them again and again. Believe that not one of all the Lord’s good promises will fail.

Here are a few you can stand on:

  • He forgets your forgiven sins.
  • He will give you abundant life now, and eternal life later.
  • Nothing can separate you from His love.
  • All things are working together for the good for those who love God.
  • He will never leave or forsake you.
  • He will continue to develop the best in you.
  • He will never place you in a situation where you cannot stand.

(check out all of the biblical references for these promises by clicking here)

“We take away from this most precious promise, and, by refusing to take it in its fullness lose the fullness of its application and power. Then we limit God’s power to keep: we look at our frailty more than His omnipotence. Where is the line to be drawn, beyond which He is not ‘able’? Why should we pare down the promises of God to the level of what we have hitherto experienced of what God is ‘able to do,’ or even what we have thought He might be able to do for us? Why not receive God’s promises, nothing doubting, just as they stand?” —Frances Ridley Havergal

What promise are you standing on today?

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