Campfire Stories

Have you ever just sat around a glowing campfire with your friends? During those times I’ll bet that some cool conversations took place.

  • Maybe you heard a story about a friend that you had never heard before.
  • Perhaps you got some insight into someone’s way of looking at life.
  • Or maybe you had a chance to share something that had been on your heart for a while.

Last night in Impact we had a great campfire time. We didn’t light any wood on fire. Actually, our worship time was really passionate and intimate, so the Holy Spirit lit a fire for us. Then instead of our usual setting with all our chairs facing the speaker on the platform, I asked everyone to turn their chairs into a big circle.

To wrap up our Be You series, my favorite guest shared. (Hint: she’s my first and only girlfriend.) We heard a great reminder that it’s our job to prepare ourselves to be ready to walk through the doors that God opens for us. Betsy reminded us that God isn’t going to open a door that we’re not yet ready to walk through. So we study, and pray, and prepare, and get degrees, and take classes, and stay ready. Then when God says, “Go,” we can say “Yes!”

I loved our campfire last night, and I’m definitely looking forward to more times like this.

2 Responses to “Campfire Stories”

  1. Tom Amrozowicz Says:

    Craig, with the chairs in a circle, discuss how we take prayer requests, and then we ask someone to repeat them to the Lord. Then suggest that for one night, we put a chair in the center and imagine that Jesus is sitting there. So let’s just tell him our needs and concerns. Even how much we love Him…

    Caution them that his is not the only way to pray and that to take request and then have someone lead in prayer is not wrong. But what a reminder that He is always with us and we have free access to speak to Him at all times. sometimes we need to break tradition.

    ***This is not an original idea, but years ago, when I was a youth director, they came up with this approach. It was the same group that Doug Hammond was a part of when he was first saved.


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