Living Life In The Zone (book review)

I’m frequently asked to recommend books for men for their devotional time, small group, or accountability groups, and I usually answer the same way: “I don’t know. Who’s in your group? Where are they now spiritually? What do they want to accomplish?”

But now, Living Life In The Zone by Kyle Rote, Jr. and Dr. Joe Pettigrew just may have given me my new standard answer. This book is applicable for almost any guy that is seeking a more energizing, more satisfying relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here’s what I like about this book—

  • Short chapters. Guys are busy, so just give us what we need and let’s get on with our day.
  • A “game plan” in each chapter that gives me the Scripture backing for each daily thought. I can read just the Scriptures listed here, or I can dig deeper.
  • Real-life “playmakers” help me see how this principle is being lived out in someone else’s life.
  • Discussion-stimulating questions. Guys don’t need questions that can be answered yes/no, but we need to have a reason to talk more.

This book is designed to take men on a 40-day journey. I suppose it could be done in 40 consecutive days, but I also see this book being used as a 40-week guide for men meeting together for accountability and spiritual growth.

For men who like to read and study, there is enough here for them to really dig into. For men who don’t particularly like to read, the short chapters will be appealing enough to engage their heart, mind, and soul.

I highly recommend this book to men seeking a deeper walk with God.

I am a Book Sneeze reviewer.

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