Land Of Combustion

Guest Author: Dick Brogden

Wilson is a Southern Sudanese Christian who heads the bio water filter project in Eastern Sudan. Made from local materials (cement, gravel, sand) these three-foot-high filters can provide clean water to whole families. In the last two years, Wilson has made and placed over 600 filters, primarily in Muslim homes. This service has opened the door for him to share his faith in Jesus.

A few weeks ago, a Muslim family approached Wilson with a problem. Their home was full of demonic activity. Furniture would be moved around in the night, items in the house would spontaneously combust, the bursting flames destroying many family possessions.

The Muslim family consulted a Muslim Sheikh who demanded $10,000 to exorcise the house. He came, did his Islamic chants, and left a Koran for the family to use to ward off the evil. That night, the Koran burst into flames and was destroyed. In desperation, the family turned to Wilson.

Wilson turned them to Jesus. He explained that protection follows Lordship and that the family had to repent of sin and turn to Jesus as Savior in order to be under His covering. Not rushing things, he took adequate time to walk the family through what it meant to be a sinner and for Jesus to be the only Savior. The family openly confessed their sin, repented, and invited Jesus to be Lord and Savior. Only then did Wilson walk through the house praying over every room.

When Wilson left, he gave the family a Bible. “Oh no,” they said, “We do not want this to burst into flames as well.” Wilson gently told them that this was the real Word of God, and that as the house now was under the protection of Jesus all would be well.

The next morning the new believers called Wilson. “This is great!” they said. “No demons, and nothing has happened to the Bible.”

Water and Fire. What a great combination.

Dick Brogden and his family have served as missionaries in Sudan for 14 years.

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