Sometimes only a big word will do. Specificity means something particularly fitted to a use or purpose. In pharmacology terms, it is a remedy intended for a particular ailment or disorder, or the selective influence of one substance on another.

In other words, the medicine is targeted for a selected pain or disease.

Yesterday at Calvary Assembly of God we heard a powerful word from our guest speaker Jeff Hlavin. But one thought from Jeff has been particularly working on me. He said, “The enemy fires his darts at your most vulnerable places.” Or said another way: the enemy is specific in his targeting.

My defense against the attack of the enemy is prayer. But my best defense is prayer with specificity.

Perhaps something like this:

  • In praying for Bethany, I’m not just praying for healing from cancer, but healing from neuroblastoma.
  • In praying for Brody who has Pierre Robin Syndrome, I’m praying with specificity for his lower jaw to continue to grow to its proper size. And in the meantime, that he will not experience any problems with choking.
  • In praying for friends whose marriage is in trouble, I’m praying specifically for healing from past mistakes, for open lines of communication, and for a willingness to seek out professional counseling.
  • In praying for a young man who is in a soul-searching time, I’m targeting my prayers at the low self-esteem issues he’s battling.

Let’s not just pray; let’s pray with specificity. The devil is targeting his attacks deliberately; let’s target our prayers just as deliberately.

Points Of Power (book review)

Since you’re reading another book review from me, you probably know that I love to read. I’ve got wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in my office, just brimming full of books. Once someone asked me, “How do you read so many books?” To which I replied, “One page at a time.”

This is how most healthy growth takes place: one step at a time.

  • We lose weight one pound at a time.
  • We advance through school one class at a time.
  • We grow in our relationships one conversation at a time.
  • And we develop a greater love for God one principle at a time.

This is what I enjoyed about Yolanda Adams’ book Points Of Power. A total of 37 power points are spread out across 10 chapters. Each of the chapters zero-in on a different power point:

  • Faith
  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Confession
  • Praise
  • Confident Assurance
  • Prayer
  • Peace
  • Protection
  • Victory

In each power point, Yolanda deliberately leads us through the principle, a passage of Scripture, a prayer, and ten pensive points. I especially enjoyed the pensive points, as they challenged me to think more deeply about each power point.

This book would be excellent as an individual study, or as a group Bible study. One step at a time—one principle at a time—your reliance on God will grow.

I am a Faith Words book reviewer.

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