Relationship Trumps Religion

Last night in our Impact youth service we wrapped up this session of The Q Series: a time where our students submit the questions they want to have answered. I’m always challenged by the questions that get turned into me, they really make me dig deep.

Last night I answered a couple of questions that went like this: “Is Christianity all about keeping the right rules?

I think there is a misconception that many people have about those who call themselves Christian. One of the most notable ones is: There are way too many rules to follow.

I answered this question with an analogy to my relationship with my wife. If I want a better marriage, would I be better off following a list of rules, or developing a more intimate relationship? I think the answer is easy: relationship always trumps rules.

When we begin to think of Christianity as a relationship with Jesus instead of a religion, there is greater freedom. Look at the change in mindset from religion to relationship:

Clearly, a relationship with Jesus trumps trying to keep religious rules.

Our students got it. In fact, three of them got it for the first time as they prayed to ask Jesus to step into a relationship with them! That never gets old for me, in fact, it’s the greatest thing I get to see!

I hope you’re not bound up by religion, but enjoying all of the benefits of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s the best decision you could ever make.

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