During my daily devotional time, I’m reading a book by Smith Wigglesworth called Power To Serve. And I’m really being challenged by it. Sometimes a certain book crosses my life at just the right time, and it really begins to stir something in me. Just thought I’d share a couple of quotes from the book, and how I’m trying to process/apply it to my life:

  • “Prayer is a time during which God wants you to be strengthened, and He wants you to remember that He is with you. …People come with their needs, they ask, and then they leave with their need because they do not faithfully wait to receive what God has promised them.”
    • So true for me! I’m such a hurry-up-and-get-it guy. I’m trying to learn to wait in God’s presence, and not take my need back with me.
  • “Today is a day of inspiration and divine intuition, a day in which God is enrapturing your heart, breaking all shorelines, getting my heart to the place where it is responsive only to His cry, where I live and move honoring and glorifying God in the Spirit.”
    • Wow, I’d love to be in the place where my heart is responsive only to His cry. Too many times I’m too responsive to other voices clamoring for my attention. Be still, my heart, listen for your Master.
  • “You never lose as much as when you lose your peace. …Possess patience to such an extent that you can suffer anything for the church, for your friends, for your neighbors, or for anyone. Remember this: we build character in others as our character is built.”
    • I want to live my life with the same confidence that the Apostle Paul did when he wrote, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” May my life be a blessing to others.
  • “O God, give us such a holy, intense, divine acquaintance with You that we would rather die than grieve You! Oh, for inward character that will make us say, ‘A thousand deaths rather than sinning once.’”
    • I want to be at this place. Amen!

What are you reading/listening to that’s challenging you to live differently?

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