Just Hangin’

Hangin’ with my best friend

I love to spend time with Betsy. Even if I just have a quick jaunt to Meijer for some milk and eggs, I want her to come along with me. Or an appointment I had that was an hour away, I was grateful that her schedule was freed up so we could be together. Today we had a looong, important but unexciting meeting; just being there together made it bearable.

I love the inside jokes, the “look” that speak volumes, the “squeeze” that tells me when I’m supposed to speak up (or keep quiet), the “smile” that’s so meaningful.

I truly believe that love is best spelled T-I-M-E.

Are you spending enough of this precious commodity with those closest to you? Are you hangin’ with those you love? If not, try it, and just wait to see what happens!

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