Love Notes

If you have heard about Dr. Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, then the love language of “words of affirmation” will be familiar to you. This is the primary way that some people both express their love and want to receive their love. My youngest son definitely has this as one of his primary love languages.

He is at the age now where he has started writing more notes. They are intended as love notes, but they are actually powerful epistles. Short messages with weighty impact…

  • On my homemade Father’s Day card he wrote, “Best Dad in the world. Don’t stop loving.”
  • On my oldest son’s birthday card he challenged him, “Thanks for being my brother, and always remember Christ.”
  • On top of my Christmas present was this encouragement, “I love you Dad. Don’t stop preaching the Word.”

Simple. Profound. Encouraging. I’m challenged to be a better Dad and a better pastor today because of these heartfelt, Holy Spirit-inspired notes.

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