Priceless Freedom

Turn it up!

I had a blast last night with a bunch of students at Calvary Assembly of God who are excited about Jesus. They are free, and they are hungry for more of God in their lives. It was awesome!

Jesus said, “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life” (John 10:10 NLT). And He said, “If the Son gives you freedom, you are free!” (John 8:35 CEV).

Last night we looked at Paul’s instruction to Timothy where he reminded Timothy not to let anyone look down on him. If you dig a little deeper into the meaning of these words, it’s clear that you and I teach others how to treat us. In other words, Timothy was already devaluing himself, so others assumed that’s how they should treat him too.

Paul said, “Timothy, you are valuable. So hold your head up high and set an example worth imitating for everyone around you.”

God loves you so much that He created a cosmos to display His majesty, He gave you a conscience to prod you to look for Him, and He sent His one and only Son to earth to pay the price for so you could be in a personal relationship with Him.

You are of immense value to God. God bought you with a high price. And if you accept that incredible gift of Jesus, you are free to live… to REALLY LIVE!

When we closed the service last night, the students began to worship God, and they didn’t want to leave! They lifted their hands in freedom, they sang in freedom, they loved God in total freedom because they recognized their value in Him. And today I believe they are going to be living in that priceless freedom.

What about you? Are you living free today? Accept the gift Jesus already paid for your life and you can live free!

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