Betsy has no summer school today so we’re just chillin’ around the house. This is also one of the rare weekends that I’m not speaking anywhere. To celebrate the start of a long, lazy weekend, I thought I’d post some random thoughts about me.

Here goes…

  • I also blog short quotes and pictures on Tumblr. Check me out!
  • I don’t drink coffee.
  • I love tea: black, green, white, red, hot or cold.
  • My favorite author is C.S. Lewis.
  • My favorite book is the Bible.
  • A life-goal of mine is to read an autobiography or biography of every U.S. President.
  • I enjoy my Coke Zero with fresh-squeezed lime.
  • My favorite Detroit team is the Tigers.
  • My favorite all-time Tigers player is Ty Cobb.
  • Betsy and I dated for 5 years, 8 months, and 2 days before we got married.
  • I still love going out on a date with Betsy!
  • My ideal vacation is sitting by a lake with a huge stack of books and a big glass of iced tea.
  • I get jazzed by closing all my circles on my Apple Watch every single day.
  • I am more in love with Jesus today than I ever have been in my life!

There you go: a whole bunch of stuff you probably never knew or even cared to know! Have a great weekend!

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