Everyday Greatness (book review)

Everyday Greatness

I have read almost everything that Stephen Covey has written, so when I saw this newest title—Everyday Greatness—with his name on it, I was really looking forward to it. I know the classic rule is “Never judge a book by its cover,” but I admit I broke this rule!

When I saw “Stephen Covey” on the cover I was prepared for his typical thought-provoking insights. Instead what I got in Everyday Greatness was anecdotal support of Covey’s profound teachings from other authors. I was actually pleasantly surprised by this.

The premise of this book is similar to Covey’s other books; namely, you have the power to make the choices that will make your life more effective, more fulfilling, and more beneficial to those around you. Everyday Greatness reinforces this message by letting you hear Covey’s thoughts through the stories of “everyday people.”

The book is divided up into seven categories that everyday people live each day—

  • Searching for meaning
  • Taking charge
  • Starting within
  • Creating the dream
  • Teaming with others
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Blending the pieces

Each of these seven categories is supported by three principles, and each of these principles are illustrated by three short stories and a few pages of noteworthy quotes. So in essence Everyday Greatness presents Covey’s thoughts in 63 short stories and several pages memorable quotes.

Stories are so much more effective at driving a point home than is a lecture, and these stories are the perfect length for anyone. This is a book I’ll keep handy on my shelf so I can return to these stories time and time again. An excellent read!

Do You ♥ Your Church?


Several years ago New York City started an advertising campaign to attract tourists to their city: I NY. It worked. More people began to visit the Big Apple than ever before.

But the advertising campaign did something else too. It created a logo sensation that many began to imitate. All over the world we started to see the “I ” logo attached to just about anything: certain dog breeds, small-town USA, international cities, mom & pop and 5-star restaurants, schools, and even sports teams.

One “I ” logo I don’t recall ever seeing is “I My Church.” Why is that?

Do you your church? How about helping me out with some research: In the comments, please tell me what you about your church…

  • what attracted you in the first place?
  • what kept you coming back?
  • what makes you excited to invite others to your church?
  • what makes you proud to say, “That’s my church”?

I’d to hear from you about this!

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