The Embers Of Church Contention

“When such embers of contention begin to smoke among Christians, we can be sure satan planted the spark; he is the one great kindle-coal of all strife.

“Whenever there is a storm in the spirits of saints, and the winds of emotions are high and loud, it is easy to see who has stirred up the tempest. The devil practices his black art on unmortified lusts, that enable him to raise easily many storms of division among believers. …

“There is nothing, next to Christ and heaven, which satan begrudges believers more than their peace and mutual love. If he cannot separate them from Christ, and stop them from getting to heaven, he takes sinister pleasure in watching them get there in a storm. …

“Saints who live in strife and contention are sinning against the strong prayers which Christ Himself uttered on their behalf [John 17:11, 21].” —William Gurnall, The Christian In Complete Armor

(I have many more quotes from this classic book posted here, here, here, and here.)

One Response to “The Embers Of Church Contention”

  1. Craig T. Owens Says:

    “[…The spirit of division and discord, which prevails in the church…] is one of the leading causes by which Christianity has been staid in its progress through the world, and the precious blessings have been retained within a narrow compass, which God designed to have no bounds but those of the inhabitable globe. It is also one of the darkest clouds which overhand our prospect for the future; for the signs of the times hold out little or no promise of its disappearing, and so long as it exists it must operate most injuriously upon the interests of religion, and hinder its revival in the hearts of men.” —Rev. Patrick Fairbairn


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