Why The Cross?

Why The CrossCrucifixion seems so extreme (click here to read The Horrors of Crucifixion)! Why would God allow His Son to go through this?

But perhaps we should back up a step or two. Before asking why the Cross maybe there are some other questions we should explore. Questions like…

  • Did Jesus actually die?
  • Is the account true that Jesus came back to life?
  • How can we know for sure?
  • Is this just too fantastic to believe? Or is the evidence reasonable?

These are questions we must all wrestle with, especially those who call themselves Christians. After all, Christian means a follower of Jesus Christ who believes that Jesus in fact died on a Cross and was raised back to life three days later.

Join me this Sunday was we explore the reliability of the evidence. Then on Easter Sunday morning we will consider the claims that Jesus died and came back to life, as well as the claims that this is all make-believe stuff.

You won’t want to miss this! Click here to find a map to our meeting place. If you cannot join us in person, we will be broadcasting live on Periscope (click here to find the account to follow to be notified when the broadcast begins).

2 Responses to “Why The Cross?”

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