Discipleship In Crisis (book review)

Discipleship In CrisisI am a recent “convert” to the writings of Frank Viola, but this man’s heartbeat is so biblically-tuned that his words resonant with godly authority. I recently read Discipleship In Crisis which is a timely message for the church.

For a limited time you can get Discipleship In Crisis as a free ebook by clicking here.

This book is short and to the point. You can easily read through it in one sitting, but the issues which Frank will cause you to re-think in the way we are currently “doing church” might take you quite awhile to process. If you are involved in a larger church, implementing these ideas might really throw a monkey-wrench in the gears!

But this is a message that needs to be heard, as the way we are doing “discipleship” now isn’t working … because it’s not biblical.

Download the ebook, read it, and then get together with others to discuss it.

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