One Year Book Of Personal Prayer (book review)

One Year BookI believe in the power of prayer. I’ve not only heard incredible stories of how God has answered the prayers of others, but I’ve personally experienced those answers to my prayers. Prayer changes things so we should pray more, and The One Year Book Of Personal Prayer may just help you do that.

This book is designed to be read every day for a full year. Each day starts off with a passage from the Bible that can be turned into a prayer. Then there are two quotes from seasoned spiritual men and women with their insights about prayer.

I found this book to be both convicting and encouraging: I was convicted that I should be praying more, and encouraged to pray more through the Bible passages and the powerful words of tried-and-true prayer warriors. The One Year Book Of Personal Prayer will enliven your prayer life.

What Are You Looking At?

LookingIn the feeding of the vast multitude, Jesus had very little in the way of natural resources: five loaves of bread and two fish. He also had the skepticism of His closest followers.

But all three synoptic gospels record a very telling phrase—Jesus looked up to heaven.

Jesus didn’t look at what He didn’t have; He looked up to His Father in heaven.

Jesus took His eyes off the limited and put them on the Limitless.

Then Jesus taught us to pray: “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Are you looking at your poverty, or the Provider? 

Are you looking at your sickness, or the Healer?

Are you looking at the skeptics, or the Promise?

Are you looking at your confusion, or the All-Knowing?

What are you looking at?

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