God Chose You

God chose youSometimes life is hard, and we can lose sight of a very important fact. Through the trials, and the testings, and the difficult situations, and the valleys, and the times we’re tempted to throw in the towel, you must remember this one fact…

God chose to give you birth (see James 1:18).

You are not an accident.

You are not an after-thought.

You are not an unintended consequence.

God chose to give you birth.

He planned for you to be here.

Therefore He pours out His lavish gifts, including the greatest gift of all—eternal life.

Think about it… What greater proof is there that God chose you than He sent His Son to earth to make it possible for you to live with Him forever! 

Let those words sink in—GOD WANTS YOU WITH HIM FOREVER!

God chose to give you birth, and to give you a second birth… eternal life.

For God so loved you, that He gave His One and Only Son as a sacrifice for your sins. If you believe that, you will spend eternity with Him! 

God chose you!

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