Praying Circles

Praying CirclesI grew up hearing a constant refrain from my Grandma Owens, “I prayed it through.” Grandma prayed until God answered. Sadly, one of the biggest hindrances to our prayer lives today is that we are in too much of a hurry to pray it through.

I grew up hearing another reminder from my boyhood pastor, “The church moves forward on her knees.” So I like to begin each new year with a reminder of the importance of prayer.

This year I’m using the thoughts I read a year ago in Mark Batterson’s powerful book The Circle Maker as the inspiration behind our series on prayer that I’m calling Praying Circles. This series of messages is intended to remind us of the power of praying with perseverance. Or as my grandma might say, the power of praying it through.

Mark Batterson said this in The Circle Maker

Just like the sound barrier, there is a faith barrier. And breaking the faith barrier in the spiritual realm is much like breaking the sound barrier in the physical realm. If you want to experience a supernatural breakthrough, you have to pray through. But as you get closer to the breakthrough, it often feels like you’re about to lose control, about to fall apart. That is when you need to press in and pray through. If you allow them to, your disappointments will create drag. If you allow them to, your doubts will nosedive your dreams. But if you pray through, God will come through and you’ll experience a supernatural breakthrough.

Please join me as we rediscover the power of praying (through) with perseverance each Sunday in January.

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