Counsel From Billy Graham

There are very few people who bring to mind such a picture of ministry success, passion for lost souls, and total integrity like Billy Graham.

So for my pastor friends, here are a few quotes from this renowned preacher about study habits, sermon preparation, and message delivery.

“The sword of the Spirit—the Bible—is the weapon God has provided for us to use in this battle between truth and deception. Make it a priority to wield that sword skillfully.”

“If I stick to the Bible and preach the principles and the teachings of the Bible, and quote the Bible, it has an impact of its own.”

“The fact that God is infinite makes the study of His Word a lifetime occupation.”

“A seminary professor I once knew told his students, ‘Never preach about hell without tears in your eyes.’”

“Our preaching emerges out of what we are.”

“Sometimes I’m asked to list the most important steps in preparing for an evangelistic mission, and my reply is always the same: prayer . . . prayer . . . prayer.”

“Preach with authority. The authority for us is the Word of God. Preach with simplicity . . . Preach with urgency . . . Heaven and Hell are at stake. Preach for a decision.”

“Proclaiming ‘the whole will of God’ should be the goal—and the joy— of every church and every preacher.”

“When we preach or teach the Scripture, we open the door for the Holy Spirit to do His work. God has not promised to bless oratory or clever preaching. He has promised to bless His Word.”

“It is vitally important for local church leaders to keep in touch with the spiritual state of their members, to discuss their level of biblical knowledge, and to teach them how to study God’s Word and pray.”

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