Insights From Oswald Chambers On Sermon Preparation

When Oswald Chambers taught at the Bible Training College in London, he frequently presented his lectures in a short, bullet-point format to give his students something to ponder.

Here are some of the “bullet points” he shared for sermon preparation:

“The greatest thing is not to hunt for texts, but to live in the big comprehensive truth of the Bible and the texts will hunt you.”

“To talk about ‘getting a message,’ is a mistake. It is preparation of myself that is required more than of my message.”

“To develop your expression in public you must do a vast amount of writing in private. Write out your problems before God. Go directly to Him about everything.”

“The work we do in preparation is meant to get our minds into such order that they are the service of God for His inspiration.”

“Conscious inspiration is mercifully rare or we would make inspiration our god.”

“Spiritual insight is in accordance with the development of heart-purity.”

“Spiritual sloth must be the greatest grief to the Holy Ghost.”

“In order to expound a passage, live in it well beforehand. Keep yourself full with reading. Reading gives you a vocabulary. Don’t read to remember; read to realize.”

“Get moved by your message, and it will move others in a corresponding way.”

I found these very thought-provoking. What did you learn?

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