Greater (book review)

If you are a Christian, God never intends for you to have a merely okay life. Jesus said that He wanted to give us abundant life! Sadly, far too many people settle for merely getting by. If they ever do dream about a greater life, it usually stays right there as an unfulfilled dream. That’s why I love Steven Furtick’s newest book Greater. Not only does he tell us about the greater life God has in mind for us, but he shows us the pattern to follow from the life of Elisha.

I have four (4) FREE copies of Greater to give away, compliments of Multnomah publishers. Take a look at this short review I posted about this book, and then read below how to enter to win.

UPDATE 1: If you would like to read some of my favorite quotes from Greater, click here.

UPDATE 2: The drawing is now closed, and the four winners have been notified.

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I am a Multnomah book reviewer.

This Moment Is A Mountain

I was listening to Duke University’s Coach K (Mike Kryzewski) being interviewed on ESPN radio’s Mike & Mike this morning. (You can listen to the full interview here.)

Coach K’s list of accomplishments is impressive! Check out the full list by clicking here, but he has coached his NCAA men’s basketball teams to 900+ wins, won 4 NCAA championships, and now two Olympic gold medals.

So he was asked, “Is there another mountain for you to climb?”

Without hesitation Coach K answered, “Yeah, to coach this Duke team to a great season.”

He went on to add, “Numbers of championships happen if you look at each moment that you have as a mountain, and take advantage of the moment.

I love it! Treat every moment like it’s huge… because it is!

Praying With Imagination

Check out Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:14-21. Seriously, go ahead and read it… I’ll wait for you…

Paul’s desire is for us to follow his lead and pray with greater imagination. He doesn’t want shallow, status quo, static prayers. He wants us to go into something deeper, dynamic, unexperienced!

God has glorious riches without end…

…why would we simply ask for table scraps?

The Holy Spirit has unlimited power to pour through our lives…

…why would we try to box Him in? 

Jesus has a deeper faith to come alive in us…

…why are we only dabbling in it?

God has no limit to His depth…

…why are we content with a surface experience?

The Holy Spirit can give us power to operate in a new dimension…

…why are we happy with our ordinary three dimensions?

Christ dies to bring us into an unimaginable love relationship…

…why would we keep Him at arm’s length?

God has no limit to His height…

…why don’t we raise the bar?

God can do more than we can ask or imagine…

…why is our imagination so limited?

Holy Spirit, expand my holy imagination! 

Lord, help my prayer life to be worthy of Your greatness!

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