[koun-ter-kuhl-cher] noun the lifestyle of those people who reject or oppose the dominant values and behavior of society.

In Ephesians 4:17 Paul tells his audience “you must no longer live as the Gentiles do.” Okay, but his audience was made up of, um, Gentiles! Paul was not telling them to change their heredity, but to change their mindset.

He was asking them to live counterculture. 

If the Apostle Paul was writing to us in America today, no doubt he would tell us: you must no longer live as the Americans do.

Here is the Christian Counterculture:

  • Speak only what’s true
  • Deal with your anger quickly and productively
  • Have a strong work ethic
  • Only speak wholesome words
  • Please the Holy Spirit in all you do
  • Get rid of unbecoming behaviors
  • Be kind to everyone
  • Be compassionate toward everyone
  • Be forgiving of everyone
  • Imitate Christ
  • Remain sexually pure
  • Don’t be greedy
  • Don’t use obscenities
  • Be perpetually thankful

(You can find all of these in Ephesians 4:24-5:4.)

That’s a lot to work on! But as a Christian I want to exhibit a lifestyle that rejects the dominant values and behavior of American society.

With God’s help, I want to live counterculture.

2 Responses to “Counterculture”

  1. Sonya Ritter Says:

    Oh man, as soon as I read the first few lines of this I knew that it was going to hit hard. I bowed my head and prayed before finishing it, then I shared it to my FB feed. Thank you brother for this timely word.


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