Exhaustion Relief

I was reading and meditating on Matthew 11:28-30. These are the notes just as a jotted them down in my journal. I pray they will be as helpful for you as they were for me.

Come—without delay

to Me—Jesus is my only Source

all—no one is ever excluded from Christ’s call

you who are weary—I feel like I have been working hard, but gaining little ground

and burdened—and my conscience is bugging me because I feel I’m falling short of what God requires

and I will—only Jesus can do this

give you resta quiet, calm, patient expectation of a better future

Take—I need to apply what Jesus says to my life right now

My yoke upon you—Christ’s power to fulfill God’s requirements

and learn from Me—I must get in the habit of doing things His way

for I am gentle—strong enough to help me, but in a way that doesn’t overwhelm me

and humble in heart—He has the perfect attitude toward our Heavenly Father, and He can show me how to live this way too

and you will find rest—an intermission from my struggles

for your souls—the real me

For My yoke is easy—virtuous and pleasant

and my burden is light—relieving my conscience from worry and guilt

Why do I wait until I am wearied and burdened before I come to Christ? Why don’t I just take His yoke upon me daily? It’s my self-imposed burdens, from trying to do things my own way, that wear me out and beat me up! O stubborn pride! that keeps me toiling away, trying to do life my way. Submit and be free, O my soul!

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