The Land Of Tumors

My cousin Dick Brogden is one of my heroes. He has faithfully followed God to some of the toughest places on the planet to share the love of Jesus. He continues to grow in his relationship with Jesus Christ, and challenges me to grow as well.

Check out these challenging words an amazing prayer journal that Dick edited called Live Dead:

Greetings From The Land Of Tumors

Three weeks ago I started getting dizzy when I stood up. Over the next few days my vision began to blur and a headache set in behind my eyes that has not left. My eyes felt like they were being pushed out from the inside, and after 2 pm it was hard to keep them open. I went to the neo-omniscient internet and diagnosed myself with a brain tumor. Yesterday I went to the doctor. He ordered a CAT scan and the result was encouraging: There is nothing in my head. The doctor had some ridiculous advice for me like getting more sleep and working less.

Flying home to Chicago from Pennsylvania this week I asked myself what I would do if I did have a tumor. My thoughts initially turned to eating a dozen Twinkies, and coughing up the $500 it would cost to take my sons to a Chicago Bears game before settling on this:

If I had a tumor, I’d hammer in the morning.
I’d hammer in the evening, all over this town.
I’d hammer out gospel, I’d hammer out warning
I’d hammer out love and truth to brothers and sisters
—all over this land.

Now that I don’t have a tumor, I have decided to live like I do. This is after all what it means to Live Dead. Dying to what people think. Dying to what doesn’t matter. Living every moment to make Jesus famous, to make much of Him, to see God glorified. Let’s all live with imaginary tumors. Let’s live as if we are dying—which incidentally we are.

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