When you’re starving, a crumb doesn’t seem to satisfy you.

When you’d like a special dessert, a crumb seems so unfulfilling.

What about when you are asking God for something big? Will a crumb satisfy you?

A Canaanite woman came to Jesus with a pressing need. Her daughter was possessed by a demon and was absolutely miserable. It looked as though nothing short of a major outpouring from Jesus could help this woman.

But she said, “Just a crumb from the Master’s table is enough for me.”

A crumb?!? The smallest of pieces, yet this woman knew that Christ’s power was so sufficient, that just a crumb would be more than enough!

How many times do I wait around for a feast? I say, “God, do something huge!” How small is my faith that I think God has to do something earth-shaking to answer me.

I want to be at the point where I know that just a crumb is more than enough. Just one word—one crumb—from His mouth can meet my every need.

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