unPlanned (DVD review)

One of the most courageous stories I’ve read comes from an admission that few people will ever make. Abby Johnson, after working for years
as a director of Planned Parenthood, did an abrupt about-face by admitting, “I was wrong.” Her dramatic story is captured in a book and DVD called unPlanned.

In a moment I’ll tell you how you could win a free copy of this powerfully moving DVD.

Although I have heard Abby’s story before, I sat memorized by the story I watched on the DVD. Abby was sucked into the lies that Planned
Parenthood tells themselves and the unsuspecting young women who come to them for advice. The “advice” that is typically given is for these young ladies to have an abortion. Abby tried to reconcile what her employer was telling her with what her parents had taught her, and with what she was seeing in the lives of the pro-life groups praying on the sidewalks outside of her office.

With so many thoughts swirling in her head, it was the love of a pro-life volunteer and a horrific experience as a doctor performed an
abortion at which Abby was assisting, that woke Abby up and led to her staunch pro-life stance. This is a story that deserves all of the attention it can get!

Check out the trailer for this DVD —

I also want to encourage you to be a part of the Unite For Life webcast with Abby Johnson on May 17.

Okay, here’s how you can win a copy of this DVD. To be entered in the drawing (which will take place tomorrow, May 3, at 5pm EDT), do one or both of the following:

  1. Leave a comment below about what you may have already heard about Abby Johnson’s story.
  2. Send the following message via Twitter: Check out “unPlanned” about how @AbbyJohnson left Planned Parenthood …  http://wp.me/pmy10-17d #unplanneddvd

If you are the winner, you will be notified after the drawing on May 3.

I am a Tyndale reviewer.

Blessing Of Becoming

“When our Lord looked at us, He saw not only what we were—He was faithful in seeing what we could become! He took away the curse of being and gave us the glorious blessing of becoming.” —A.W. Tozer

The word blessing in the Greek is a compound word made up of good + words. Just as Jesus blessed us—said the good word that He prepared us for something more than a life enslaved to sin—shouldn’t we too say good words to others about what they could become?

There is ZERO excuse for anyone who calls themselves a Christian to ever say anything but good words to others. If God only says good words to you and about you, how much more so should Christians be speaking good words to and about others!

Jesus took away the curse of being trapped as we were, and gave us the blessing of becoming who He truly intends for us to be. Let’s do the same thing for other people.

Make a covenant: I will only use my words to bless others; that is, I will only say good words to them and about them. I will speak only those words that tell them about the masterpiece that they are.

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