Um, That’s A Bit Awkward

Somehow I don’t think this is the most effective way to start a conversation about your faith!

Here are four thoughts I have…

Don’t compartmentalize. In other words, don’t put on your “Christian hat” to talk about your relationship with Jesus. Just be Christ-like all the time. People are looking for something real, not someone who’s playing an act.

Develop relationships first. Don’t lead with a sermon; lead with a friendship. As the saying goes, “People don’t care how much (or Who) you know, until they know how much you care.” Be a genuine friend first.

Wait until they’re ready. Jesus told stories with a deeper meaning and asked a lot of questions of people before He spoke to them directly about the kingdom of God. Don’t force people into a conversation. Keep the door open, and let them step in when they are ready.

Don’t get discouraged. Just like there are some topics you’re not ready to discuss right now, others feel the same way. So just because they say “No thanks” today doesn’t mean nothing happened. The Bible says that we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Salt and light are always seasoning and illuminating everywhere they go. Your life is making a difference.

2 Responses to “Um, That’s A Bit Awkward”

  1. altonwoods Says:

    I’ve listened to (and read) many different perspectives on this topic but all I really know is what did and didn’t work with me! Many Christians’ style of evangelism reminds me of someone who’s trying to close a sale…It’s as if they see themselves as the seed planter,the waterer,and the harvester all in one!

    It’s love that changes peoples hearts…not “sales” tactics!


  2. Sarah Says:

    My friends are kinda awesome so at least when I’m in the “Feels awkward” stage they realize it and so it’s kinda less awkward because they have to feel awkward about me feeling awkward.

    Anyway, excessive use of the word awkward aside, I really like that idea you mentioned of the “Christian hat”. I feel like a lot of times I’m great at being their friend but then I feel like I have to say something and I try and put on my Christian had and it seems so much harder to talk them than any other time. Good advice.


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