We ♥ Cedar Springs

Winning 2011 Earth Day Artwork, Hunter George, 8th Grade, CTA

I believe that our church should be a pacesetting organization for our community. When we are actively involved in our community, it gives us more opportunities to season and illuminate Cedar Springs (hey, we’re talking about this on Sunday too!).

So we are planning to have a whole lot of our folks out to help with some spring cleaning for Earth Day 2011.

When we show how much We Cedar Springs, more people will get to experience firsthand what others already know about Calvary Assembly of God: We Our Church!

If you are close by, please consider joining us.

If you live in another community, what are you doing to season and illuminate your city?

Watch Your Mouth

I was reading Proverbs 10 the other day, and a recurring theme seemed to show up in this chapter. Since you’re reading this blog, I know you are highly intelligent, so I’m sure you can spot the theme as well as I can…

If you have good sense, you will listen and obey; if all you do is talk, you will destroy yourself.

If you have good sense, it will show when you speak….

If you have good sense, you will learn all you can, but foolish talk will soon destroy you.

You will say the wrong thing if you talk too much—so be sensible and watch what you say.

Honest people speak sensibly, but deceitful liars will be silenced.

If you obey the Lord, you will always know the right thing to say….

I’d say the theme was pretty obvious, wouldn’t you?

But one question still remains: What are YOU going to do with this?

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