Max On Life (book review)

Have you ever wanted to have a conversation with Max Lucado? Just sit with him for awhile and pick his brain? With Max On Life you can do just that!

Max On Life is a compilation of 172 questions that Max has been asked. Some of his answers come from his previously written books, some are answers formed with brand new insights, but all of the answers come from his very pastoral heart.

The book is divided into seven sections – hope, hurt, help, him/her, home, have/have-nots, and hereafter. But even more helpful is the index of topics at the back of the book, as well as a listing of all of the scriptural references Max uses throughout Max On Life. I can imagine this book staying very close at hand, because I’m going to be referring to it often.

If you are a pastor or counselor, I think you will find a lot of helpful insights in this book to pass on to others. If you have a friend with lots of questions about the Christian faith, this book would make an excellent gift. Or if you just want to be a helpful friend when others are in need, this book will help prepare you to be a blessing to them.

I am a Thomas Nelson book reviewer.

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