Happy 14th

   My Dearest Samantha,

   Fourteen years ago today I was blessed with the arrival of one of the most vibrant people I have ever known: You! Right from the time we brought you home from the hospital you had such spunk and originality. You truly were a unique personality.

   And you still are!

   I so enjoy watching the pure enjoyment you have in everything you do. You so completely throw yourself into all of your pursuits, tackling them with excellence, passion, and your own unique flair. But beyond the flute playing, and crafts, and cheerleading, and school work, I most appreciate your passionate love for Jesus! Not only the way you pursue Him, but the way you help others to find Him as well.

   If anyone ever wanted to catch a glimpse of your Savior, they can easily see it in your love. You love Him, and you love others too! My prayer is that Jesus will always be your #1 passion and love.

   I love you, my darling Samantha! Happy birthday!



What Gift Are You?

In our Living In The Zone series yesterday, we looked at the gifts God gives to us. These gifts are to help us find the “sweet spot” where God wants us to operate. They are specifically given so that God can use us.

I love this thought from Craig Groeschel: “God’s gifts in you equip you for your gift to the world.”

You are gifted to be a gift to the world.

Check out this video we showed yesterday morning…

Did you catch this exchange near the end?

“Do you think you’re a role model?”

“I hope so! I wanna be an encourager. To encourage people to do something with their lives, instead of doing nothing. Because so many people in the world in this day and time have no gumption, have no purpose, and they don’t want to get off the couch. They wanna sit there and say, ‘Woe is me! My back hurts, my this, my that,’ and wallow in themselves, when they could get out. The more you do for someone else, the more God’s going to bless you. Even if means giving someone a cup of coffee, or a hug, or something like that. That’s what it’s all about.”

What gift(s) has God given you? What gift are you being to the world?

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