Thursdays With Oswald—What Secures Your Faith?

This is a weekly series with things I’m reading and pondering from Oswald Chambers. You can read the original seed thought here, or type “Thursdays With Oswald” in the search box to read more entries.

What Secures Your Faith?

       Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God Whose ways you cannot understand at the time. I don’t know why God allows what He does, but I will stick to my faith in His character no matter how contradictory things look. Faith is not a conscious thing, it springs from a personal relationship and is the unconscious result of believing someone.

From Facing Reality

Religion is cold and lifeless. Relationship is warm and vibrant.

Religion is shaken by questioning during uncertainty. Relationship is strengthened by clinging tighter during uncertainty.

Religion is belief in some thing. Relationship is belief in some One.

My faith is staked securely on my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

What about yours?

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