Digging & Drinking

On Sunday we had our annual business meeting at Calvary Assembly of God. The actual business part was minimal. The more exciting things included hearing how God had blessed us last year, and looking forward to the greater things we can do for Him this year.

I shared a story from Genesis 26 about Isaac. This story just keeps rolling around in my mind.

Initially, God blessed Isaac just because he was Abraham’s son. God said, “Abraham obeyed me. He did everything I asked him to do, so I blessed him.” Then God challenged Isaac: “I am willing to bless you with even more if you, too, will follow Me.”

It’s interesting to note what Isaac did first. He reopened all of the old wells his father had dug, and he gave them the same name Abraham had given them…

…he honored the heritage of his father.

Honoring those who have gone before us is so important. But it’s not enough.

If Isaac was going to experience more of God’s blessings, he couldn’t be satisfied with just drinking from the old wells. Don’t get me wrong: it was good of him to reopen those wells…

…but if that’s all he did, he would have just maintained the status quo.

Isaac had to dig new wells. It didn’t start so well. The first two wells he tried to dig on his own led to quarrels with his neighbors…

…the enemy doesn’t fight against those who maintain the status quo.

…the enemy only quarrels with us when we try to dig new wells.

Isaac kept at it, and his third attempt was successful. Here’s the payoff:

…we can honor our heritage by reopening the old wells and drinking from them.

AND we can continue to dig new wells so that we can minister to more people.

It’s not EITHER-OR. It’s BOTH-AND.

I’m trying to maintain that balance…

…re-digging the old and drinking the new.

…looking back and looking forward.

…honoring our heritage and leaving a new legacy.

…digging and drinking.

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