How Do You Study?

In our Impact youth service, we’re exploring the study of the Bible. To help me with a little “sermon prep,” can you please comment below to tell me how do you study your Bible:

  • Do you highlight?
  • Underline?
  • Write notes?
  • Read a chapter at a time?
  • Systematically go through the Bible?
  • Read from the same translation every time?
  • Write in a journal?
  • Memorize verses?

Anything you would like to share would be very helpful.

One Response to “How Do You Study?”

  1. Jeff Kopp Says:

    Bible Study is constant thing with me. I read everything I can get my hands on. Commentary, dictionaries, many different versions, I use them all. Put all that information in about the scripture. Sometimes a verse (usually the thought of the verses) always in context. Context not only of the chapter but context of the bible. Scripture agreeing with scripture, one book not two, one covenant between YHVH and those who believe. Ultimately I take what I have read and I go the prayer closet and ask the One who knows the mysteries of YHVH to reveal His truth. 1 Cor chapter 2 tells us we have a teacher within us. 1 Cor chapter 6:17 says our spirit and YHVH’s Spirit are one, James says need wisdom ask and it will be given. So everything you have asked has a part in Bible Study, however, the truth can come only through the spirit Spirit. Anything else is only opinion. I hope this helps. An after thought. I am learning classical Hebrew so I can discover the meaning and the culture of the original language YHVH spoke His creation into being and all that followed. The Book is a Hebrew book written by Hebrews who thought Hebrew. The root of the olive tree is in Hebrew (Ivrim ones who cross over . . . cross over from their way to YHVH’s way).


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