How Do You Study?

In our Impact youth service, we’re exploring the study of the Bible. To help me with a little “sermon prep,” can you please comment below to tell me how do you study your Bible:

  • Do you highlight?
  • Underline?
  • Write notes?
  • Read a chapter at a time?
  • Systematically go through the Bible?
  • Read from the same translation every time?
  • Write in a journal?
  • Memorize verses?

Anything you would like to share would be very helpful.

Lots Of Stairs

Sometimes it’s hard to find a block of time to set aside exclusively for exercise, so I try to build some exercise opportunities into my day. My during-the-day exercise usually is trying to find more ways to walk. Like…

  • Parking at the back of the parking lot
  • Walking down the hall to someone’s office instead of sending an email
  • Taking the stairs

Lately, I’ve been in lots of places with stairs, and yesterday my legs were really feeling it. I learned something from climbing all those stairs: It’s a lot easier going down than it is going up.

Up gets my heart pumping more. Up works up a sweat. Up makes me breathe deeper. Up builds my leg muscles. Up is painful (but it’s a good pain).

The soreness in my legs is a reminder that I’ve exercised, that I’ve done something that’s giving me long-term benefits, that I’ve prepared myself for a healthier future.

Solomon wrote, “The path of life leads upward for the wise to keep him from going down to the grave.”

Spiritually, I can say up brings life.

Up makes me wiser. Up keeps me from going down. Up is painful (but it’s a good pain).

If you haven’t been spiritually sore lately, perhaps you’re shying away from a healthy workout.

Let God take you up today. You might be a little sore tomorrow, but the soreness will remind you that you’ve exercised, that you’ve done something that’s giving you long-term benefits, that you’ve prepared yourself for a heavenly future.

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