Let The Christmas Spending Frenzy Begin

All over America today, Black Friday kicked off a month-long, mad-dash, consumer-feeding frenzy. A race to see who can spend the most money on the most toys and gadgets to give away at Christmas.

Oops, did I say Christmas?!? <Gasp!> Maybe I should have said holidays. Yes, indeed, the Consumer’s Delight Holiday Season. At least that’s what it feels more and more with every passing year. First of all, retail stores have a hard time even saying Merry Christmas, let alone promoting the meaning of Christmas. And then there’s this notion—even among those that are willing to say Christmas—that this is the season of buying.

I think I’m feeling a little rebellious today. If you’d like to join me in rocking the popular-mindset boat a little, if you’d like to take back Christmas, if you’d like to return the focus to CHRISTmas, check out a couple of these resources, and let’s talk.

Give This Christmas Away. Great book by Matthew West on some great ways to focus on Christ at CHRISTmas.

Advent Conspiracy. A great CHRISTmas gift that will literally change (or save) someone’s life.

One Day’s Wages. Use their calculator to see how far just one day of your annual earnings can go.

If you’ve got any other resources or thoughts on this CHRISTmas season, please share them.

Merry CHRISTmas!

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